This article is about the class ability in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. For other uses, see Grenadier Class (XCOM 2).

Grenadier is an ability of the Heavy Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Allows 2 grenades in a single inventory slot.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Modified in XCOM: Enemy Within:

Allows 2 grenades in a single inventory slot. Frag, Alien, and Needle Grenades receive a +1 damage bonus.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Within


  • Equipping one grenade from the arsenal automatically grants a soldier two uses.
  • This ability can nicely complement Bullet Swarm, as it allows a grenade to be thrown after firing the primary weapon.
  • Obtain Tactical Rigging to allow a total of 4 grenades (equipping grenades in both item slots). 4 Frag Grenades enhanced by Mayhem and Grenadier will inflict constant area damage not affected by Aim, while consistently destroying cover to expose enemies.

XCOM: Enemy Within[]

  • With Mayhem, this allows Alien Grenades to deal 9 damage.
  • With the addition of the Ghost and Flashbang grenades, this ability no longer is limited to strictly extra/redundant destructive potential. Since Heavies already receive at least one rocket (and potentially up to three), Grenadier allows Heavies to use multiple utility grenades to become much more versatile support gunners. Equipping a Ghost Grenade with this ability also doubles the return on the large investment required to produce one.