The Guerrilla Tactics School is a facility in XCOM 2.

This facility provides several training upgrades for soldiers.

Class Training[edit | edit source]

The Guerrilla Tactics School allows one Rookie at a time to train as one of the four basic classes (Ranger, Grenadier, Specialist, or Sharpshooter) of the player's choice, up to Squaddie rank. This training takes 5 days (10 on Legend). Training soldiers will be unavailable to go on missions. Their training can be stopped at any time, but this will undo their progress.

The Guerrilla Tactics School, similarly to the Officer Training School of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, allows the player to buy upgrades for their XCOM squad with various benefits.

Combat Training[edit | edit source]

Combat Training options available for purchase:

Squad Size I[edit | edit source]

Cost: §50 (§100)
Rank Required: Sergeant
Description: Squad size increased by 1.

Squad Size II[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§150)
Rank Required: Captain
Description: Increase squad size by 1.

Stay With Me[edit | edit source]

Cost: §150 (§175)
Rank Required: Major
Description: Soldiers are more likely to bleed out than die outright. (Removed in WotC)

Grenadier: Biggest Booms[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Grenadier Captain
Description: Explosives launched by Grenadiers can inflict critical damage (20% chance of +2 damage).

Ranger: Hunter's Instinct[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Ranger Captain
Description: Ranged attacks by Rangers against flanked enemies deal +3 damage, and secondary weapons have a +15% chance to critically hit. (WotC: +1 against flanked enemies, 10% critical hit chance)

Sharpshooter: Dead Shot[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Sharpshooter Captain
Description: Sharpshooters have a bonus 10% chance to critically hit enemies.

Specialist: Cool Under Pressure[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Specialist Captain
Description: Specialists on Overwatch gain +10 Aim and the ability to critically hit when taking Overwatch and reaction shots.

Added in War of the Chosen[edit | edit source]

Templar: Mentally Awake[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Description: Start every mission with 1 Focus

Skirmisher: Parkour[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)
Description: 5% chance for a free move after the first move of the turn

Reaper: Infiltration[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§200)

Description: Increases hacking by +25. ADVENT security towers cannot see this unit when it is concealed

Removed in War of the Chosen[edit | edit source]

Lighting Strike, Integrated Warfare, Vengeance, Vulture, and Wet Work are now Resistance Orders.

Vulture[edit | edit source]

Cost: §75 (§100)
Description: Enemies drop an additional item with every timed loot drop.

Wet Work[edit | edit source]

Cost: §125 (§150)
Description: +25% experience gained from kills.

Lightning Strike[edit | edit source]

Cost: §100 (§125)
Description: Units gains +3 mobility for the first two turns of battle while the squad remains concealed.

Integrated Warfare[edit | edit source]

Cost: §150 (§200)
Rank Required: Lieutenant
Description: PCS bonuses are significantly improved.

Vengeance[edit | edit source]

Cost: §100 (§125)
Rank Required: Lieutenant
Description: If a squadmate dies or is critically wounded, gain random tactical bonuses for two turns.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • All upgrades take immediate effect when purchased.
  • The bonuses for the class-specific upgrades only apply to soldiers of that class.
  • Dismantling the facility will remove all bonuses supplied, including squad size increases.
  • The Guerrilla Tactics School fulfills a near identical role to the Officer Training School in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
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