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Heavy Floater Autopsy is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


This horrifying machine-flesh hybrid suggests the invaders are willing to stop at little, or nothing, to achieve their goals.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends the proposal with:

Assessing its battle damage may give us some insight into repair techniques on our aircraft, however.

Initial Findings[]

Another variation on a previously identified specimen, this is the "Heavy Floater." As you can see, the aliens have made substantial improvements to the armor and weapons systems available, while removing some of its exposed vulnerabilities. An extremely dangerous combatant.

Project Report[]

Codename: Montezuma

Another variation on a previously identified specimen, this is the "Heavy Floater." A cursory examination reveals substantial improvements to the armor and weapons systems available to the creature. Much of the exposed tissue, the Floater's most obvious vulnerability, has ether been shielded or removed entirely. With these modifications in mind, it would appear the aliens chose to move towards a greater reliance on mechanical and cybernetic upgrades rather than continue developing the specimen's organic form. We may be able to gain further insight into this creature's unique abilities in combat of another specimen is targeted in the field in the Unit Analysis View.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends this with:

However, we have still uncovered a number of redundant organic systems within the Heavy Floater's torso that were clearly duplicated to enhance its survivability. If we were to follow a similar genetic modification path within our own soldiers, we may be able to prevent many of the life-threatening injuries that our troops face in combat.

Project Requirements[]

Heavy Floater Corpse

Prerequisites: Obtain Heavy Floater corpse
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: 1 Heavy Floater Corpse

Foundry Projects Unlocked[]



  • The flavor text implies that this autopsy, instead of the Cyberdisc Autopsy, was originally intended to provide the Secondary Heart Gene Mod, despite the fact that the autopsy does not actually provide any additional genetic modification options. This was likely changed due to the late appearance of the Heavy Floaters compared to the Cyberdiscs.