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Heavy Plasma is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


Despite a number of impressive advances, I am still in awe of the alien's mastery of plasma-based weapons. This particular configuration seems to contain an even more complex magnetic plasma containment chamber, allowing for nearly continuous projection of plasma blasts.

Project Report[]

Codename: Kingfisher

We've struggled to maintain a test environment that minimizes the safety risks involved in these experiments, but at the same time does not limit our ... imagination, when it comes to new developments. With those logistical issues handled efficiently enough by the engineering team, we proceeded in our initial prototyping.

Although we spent a great deal of time studying the alien's own heavy plasma rifle, there were still a number of questions surrounding its enhanced functionality. Maintaining an acceptable level of energy efficiency, while also increasing the weapon's output, was not an easy task. The primary constraint of increasing the output was the added weight involved by the inclusion of a larger power cell. While this issue may not have affected some of the brutish soldiers employed by the aliens, there are limits to what our soldiers can realistically carry. However, by redesigning the power management system to reduce waste energy generated during the firing process, we've managed to strike a balance between all of these concerns. I should mention however that heat buildup continues to be a concern, and our troops will have to be aware of this when firing the weapon in rapid succession.

Having successfully test fired our prototype, as well as a modified version of the alien's own variant, we believe it should now be possible to both manufacture these weapons and adapt any we manage to recover from the field.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends this with:

The constraints that ordinary soldiers face are... reduced... when considering our MEC Troopers, for whom we can manufacture a full-sized particle beam weapon.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites: Research Plasma Rifle or salvage Heavy Plasma
Research Point Cost: 340 Points
Project Cost: 10 Elerium, 10 Alloys, 40 Weapon Fragments

Items Unlocked[]

Foundry Projects Unlocked[]