XCOM EU Hongou Marazuki
The Council believes Dr. Marazuki's research to be extremely valuable. They're requesting we escort him safely to the EVAC point. Big-Sky will be in position to make the pick-up at the other end of the facility.

Central Officer Bradford

Doctor Hongou Marazuki is a VIP target for escort in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Council TransmissionEdit

"One of the scientists serving in a remote observatory used for tracking and monitoring UFO activity in [COUNCIL NATION] has come under attack. We cannot allow the aliens to threaten any personnel contributing information to the XCOM project. We'll need you to deploy a squad and ensure his safe return."

Mission DetailsEdit

The mission takes place in the Research Outpost map, which has a large and a small observatories in opposite corners of one side of the map and numerous biohazard tanks and a small storage building on the other side. Your squad starts inside the main room of the large observatory and must make their way to the EVAC zone out beyond the small one.


  • "My efforts here have been focused on studying the alien flight paths, in the hopes of determining exactly where it is they came from."
  • "From what I've observed so far, it's clear the aliens have developed a propulsion system that allows for faster-than-light travel."
  • "I only wished to find the answer... to know the reason for all this."
  • "Thank you for coming to my aid. I only hope my data is beneficial to the cause."
  • "I find myself wondering how far these creatures have traveled to undertake this invasion. The resources involved are staggering."
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