The Hunter's Axe is a unique secondary weapon introduced in the Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2.


The Hunter's Axe is a unique weapon that can be obtained by scanning the Locator Beacon, which also grants the Bolt Caster, Shadowkeeper, and Frost Bomb. This secondary melee weapon can be used by a Ranger. It has slightly higher base damage than the equivalent sword and grants a special Throw Axe ability. Throw Axe can only be used once per mission and is a free action which does not end the turn, and does not trigger an action by an Alien Ruler. The Chosen who is immune to melee attack is also immune to the axe throw.


Like the other unique weapons save for the Frost Bomb, the Hunter's Axe can be upgraded to integrate magnetic and plasma technology in order to boost its damage output. Each upgrade to the Hunter's Axe will keep its damage slightly better than the the Arc Blade and Fusion Blade, respectively. Throw Axe ability is unaltered by the upgrades. The Ionic Axe requires ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy research in order to construct it, while the Fusion requires Archon Autopsy research in order to construct it. Both upgrades also require the completion of the Alien Hunters story mission before they can be constructed, as with the other unique weapons.