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Hunter Weapons is a research project in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen.

In-Game Description[]


The prized weapon of the Chosen Hunter, this rifle was no doubt responsible for countless assassinations in the field. Through our research, we will see whether credit truly goes to the weapon or the one who wielded it.

Project Report[]

Codename: Elysium

Aside from the Elder's Assassin, from what I have seen there is none other among the aliens who valued their weapon as dearly as the Chosen Hunter, and perhaps justifiably so. Visually striking for its lean, sleek appearance, this prized rifle is a testament to the aliens’ true potential in refining a system down to its purest form.

At its core, the Hunter’s rifle is a magnetic weapon, although an as-of-yet unknown used in its barrel provides a substantial increase to the kinetic projectiles’ velocity without the added requirement of additional power that would normally accompany such an improvement.

Critical to the weapons’ effectiveness is an advanced targeting system integrated into the rifle’s scope, which I discovered to be independently powered by one of the smallest Elerium-based power cells I have ever encountered. And while I have no doubt that the Hunter was a skilled marksman in his own right, I am equally confident that the ballistic computer provided here will make even the most average among our troops look heroic. -R. Tygan