The Icarus Armor is medium armor in XCOM 2 available with the Alien Hunters DLC.


The flight components recovered from the Archon King, when combined with our standard-issue armor systems, result in an armored suit with high damage resistance and improved mobility. The built-in propulsion system allows temporary flight, enabling the wearer to rapidly change locations.

The Icarus Armor is a unique armor that provides a substantial increase in health, one more than the Warden Armor, along with a single armor point and access to an additional utility slot. It also increases the wearer's mobility by 1.

Along with these traits, the Icarus Armor gives the wearer the ability to Vault up to elevated surfaces without the use of a ladder or other climbing utility, along with a special ability, the Icarus Jump, unique to the armor that allows the wearer to instantly jump to any tile on the map within squadsight. This ability can be used twice per mission at zero action point cost with a two turn cooldown.

Archons that spot a unit wearing Icarus Armor may panic.

Only one instance of Icarus Armor can be built per game, and will be permanently lost if the wearer is killed, and their body not evacuated.



Vault: Jump on to any ledges and structures, regardless of height, without needing to climb vines or ladders. Does not break concealment, so long as the soldier does not traverse an observed tile.

Icarus Jump: The propulsion jets built into the Icarus Armor allow a soldier to instantly launch themselves to a new position anywhere explored on the map. 2 charges per mission. Free action, but will break Concealment if used.

Panic Archons: Archons seeing a soldier wearing the Icarus Armor may panic.

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