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Prerequisites Alien Biotech
Required Resources
Required Power
Time to Build
Monthly Upkeep

The Infirmary is a facility in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Along with the Training Center, it replaces the base game's Advanced Warfare Center.


  • Engineer - All injured soldiers heal at twice the normal speed. Does not affect recovery times from fatigue.
  • Soldier - Removes Negative Traits. Requires five days to remove each negative trait (ten in Legend difficulty).


Installing a Hypervital Module adds a "Revitalize Soldiers" button to the team selection screen before a mission. This button allows you to spend a single Elerium Core to temporarily heal a soldier (restoring all hit points and will), allowing you to deploy the soldier on the mission. After the mission is complete, that soldier returns to their previous injured/tired state, and any one soldier can only be revitalized once per campaign.

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