Interrogate Muton

Interrogate Muton is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


This captive is very aggressive, clearly having been intended to serve in a front-line combat role. With the appropriate drug therapy and... encouragement... we may be able to coax some useful intel on the alien weaponry and their tactics.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Tempest

On first impressions, the captive Muton would appear to be among the least intelligent of any of the alien species we've encountered. Hulking and brutish in form, we were surprised to discover a great deal of knowledge had been ingrained in this subject's memory. We realized during the interrogation process that it was only logical for the aliens to provide the Muton with a complete understanding of their weaponry and tactics, as this beast represents their most formidable front-line combatant.

Although the Muton was quite resistant to our techniques, despite heavy sedation, we've learned a great deal from the captive about the alien weaponry, particularly their advanced plasma-based armaments. The research team will begin analyzing this data for possible use in a new breed of weapons of our own design.

Project RequirementsEdit

XComEU Muton Captive

PrerequisitesAlien Containment facility
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: Captive Muton

Research Credit UnlockedEdit


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