The Katana is a secondary weapon in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen. It is the signature weapon of the Chosen Assassin.


The prized weapon of the Chosen Assassin, forged by hands not of this earth. It is said to never miss its intended target.

–Item description

The Katana is the most powerful melee weapon available to XCOM. While it has no status secondary effect like the Arc Blade or Fusion Blade, the Katana deals more damage, ignores up to 5 armor on the target, and attacks cannot miss or graze the target, meaning it will always deal full damage.

Tactical Info[]

* The Katana does extreme damage, and cannot miss or be dodged.
* Armor will not save enemies from Katana attacks.
  • A Ranger with the Bladestorm ability equipped with this weapon is very effective against Chryssalids.
    • On Rookie mode, any Chryssalid entering melee range that activates Bladestorm will die.
      • On Veteran mode, any Chryssalids that enter melee range will either die or be left with 1 health, unless a critical hit is triggered.
        • On Commander and Legend modes, most Chryssalids will survive (unless a critical hit occurs), but they will be left severely crippled.
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Tier 1 Shotgun Cannon Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle
Tier 2 Shard Gun Mag Cannon Gauss Rifle Magnetic Rifle
Tier 3 Storm Gun Beam Cannon Plasma Lance Plasma Rifle
Chosen Arashi (none) Darklance Disruptor Rifle
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Chosen Katana (none) Darkclaw (none) (none)
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