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Light Plasma Rifle is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


This carbine-style weapon is capable of generating a direct, superheated charge of plasma - an intriguing and dangerous prospect. Further research could allow for this technology to work in our favor.

Project Report[]

Codename: Corvid

Although we continue to gain a better understanding of the alien plasma weapons we've recovered with each passing day, adapting the technology is but one aspect of the process involved in designing these weapons. We must also ensure that the armaments we develop are suitable to the firing positions our troops are accustomed to... if the weapon doesn't conform to human ergonomic standards, our troops certainly won't be able to fire it effectively. As a result of our efforts to reduce the weapon's weight, we've noted a substantial improvement in the overall accuracy of this rifle. In addition to manufacturing these new lightweight plasma rifles, we can also apply this approach to modify any plasma rifles captured in the field.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites: Research Plasma Pistol or salvage Light Plasma Rifle
Research Point Cost: 340 Points
Project Cost: 5 Elerium, 1 Light Plasma Rifle, 40 Weapon Fragments

Items Unlocked[]

Research Projects Unlocked[]

Other Unlocks[]


  • Researching this project first eliminates the need for a salvage Plasma Rifle in its own project.