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The Magnetic Rifle is a primary weapon in XCOM 2. It is an XCOM-produced variant of the ADVENT magnetic rifles.

In-Game Description[]

Magnetized projectile tech has enabled us to create rifle-style slugthrowers. They represent a substantial improvement in power relative to conventional assault rifles.

Tactical Info[]

  • The weapon is tactically similar to the standard XCOM assault rifle, but has a significant improvement in damage.


  • It has higher damage than the base ADVENT magnetic rifle (5-7 compared to 3-4) but is identical to the rifle carried by ADVENT Advanced Troopers stat-wise.
  • The weapon is capable of one-shotting certain enemies on easier difficulties; ADVENT Officers, Vipers, and Sectoids tend to fall quickly to the weapon compared to their resistance to the Assault Rifle.
  • When the weapon is researched and purchased in Engineering, all standard Assault Rifles will be instantly replaced by the Magnetic Rifle.


  • The weapon's muzzle burst has a lighter, more orange-ish tone to it than the bright red of ADVENT magnetic rifles.
  • It is similar to the Laser Rifle in usage from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but has higher damage to fit with the general improvement of weapons in the game.
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