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The Medikit is a utility item in XCOM 2.


  • Medikit Heal: Heal up to 4 HP.
  • Stabilize: Stop a soldier from bleeding out.

Tactical Info[]

  • A Medikit restores up to 4HP to a single soldier, and also removes Burning, Acid, and Poison effects from that soldier.
  • A Medikit can be used to stabilize a soldier that is bleeding out.
  • A Medikit only has a single charge, and if used on allies, they must be in a tile that's orthogonally or diagonally adjacent. This doesn't apply to Specialists with the Healing Protocol ability, who can heal any soldier anywhere on the map.
  • Using a Medikit costs 1 action, and does not end the turn. This is particularly useful with Specialists who can spend one turn healing two allies.
  • Carrying a Medikit grants immunity to poison.