XCOM EW MeldTutorial.png

The Meld Tutorial is a unique mission available in XCOM: Enemy Within. This tutorial introduces the player to Meld canisters and how to recover them; the mission carries a randomized Operation designation and takes place in a random city.


By default this mission will be one of first missions played when a player starts their first game of XCOM: Enemy Within; it typically follows the original tutorial mission unless electing to play on the Impossible game difficulty or disabling the tutorial(s) via the advanced options menu. In additional playthroughs, this mission must be enabled in the advanced options menu prior to beginning the game.

Mission Brief[]

Alien forces are in the area; witnesses report seeing multiple canisters of unknown purpose. Civilians have been evacuated.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Neutralize all hostile targets
  • Locate and secure the canisters for analysis at HQ

Mission Site[]

A soldier collects the first Meld canister.

This mission uses a unique map consisting of an ice cream shop and an adjacent cafe. The squad will deploy in the corner of the map near the cafe. The first available Meld Canister will already be visible; this canister has an infinite self-destruct timer but should be within easy movement distance of any of the player's soldiers. The second canister is randomly located somewhere on the other half of the map, near or inside the ice cream shop; this canister will have a self-destruct timer of 7-8 turns.

Enemy Types[]

Only Sectoids will be fought in the course of this tutorial, though exact numbers vary depending on difficulty.


Upon completing this mission, every surviving member of the squad gets additional experience, which is enough for all rookies to promote even if they had achieved no kills.