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Mission Control is one of the static facilities in the XCOM Headquarters. Accessing this room provides the player with use of the Geoscape and a list of Upcoming Events. This facility is run by Central Officer Bradford.

The Geoscape[]

The Geoscape is the real-time holographic representation of the Earth (and Moon) used by XCOM to track alien activity across the globe. Using the Geoscape, the player can Scan for Activity which rapidly advances time until canceled or interrupted by an event such as detecting a UFO, alien attacks in progress, completion of Research or Engineering projects, or contact by the Council. The world view will also display any XCOM activity in progress, such as air interceptions and the Skyranger traveling to or returning from missions.

Upcoming Events[]

The right side of the Geoscape will list the number of days remaining until events such as project completions, arrival of new soldiers or the next Council Report.  Upon reaching the specified date the player will be informed of the event's results by the relevant XCOM department.

Launching Missions[]

Any available ground missions will be displayed at the top of the Geoscape. Selecting any mission will show the country where the mission will take place, the type of mission, its difficulty level and any additional rewards offered for completing the mission. If the option 'Launch' is selected, the player will be to select soldiers that will form the ground team for the mission.

Launching Interceptors[]

When a UFO is detected by XCOM's satellite network, the player is given the chance to send Interceptors to engage it.  Whenever an air interception occurs the game will open a window for the resulting Air Combat.