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Missions represent the Bureau's ground operations in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. During missions the player controls Agent William Carter as he directs his team, engages the alien ground forces and locates objectives.

Mission CategoriesEdit

The game starts with the mission: Invasion!

Missions come in four varieties:

Major OperationsEdit

These missions are vital to national security and the Bureau's objectives; these missions advance the game's narrative and are required to complete the game.

  • The Doctor
  • Signal From Beyond
  • Not of this Earth
  • Crack in the World
  • The Last War
  • The Day the Sky Fell

Minor OperationsEdit

These missions are optional for Agent Carter and his team but allow for the gathering of extra experience and alien tech.

  • Operation: Guardian
  • Operation: Grifter
  • Operation: Vendetta
  • Operation: Longsword
  • Operation: Hawkeye
  • Operation: Firestorm
  • Operation: Angel


These pseudo missions allow Agent Carter to dispatch individual agents on investigations and other tasks that don't require a full team; these missions effectively allow for the ranking up of secondary team members without risking them in direct combat.


These pseudo missions allow Agent Carter to perform solo investigations and other tasks around the base that don't require a full team; these missions typically don't involve any direct combat.

  • Investigation: Radio Interference
  • Investigation: Find Missing Silacoid
  • Investigation: Sleepwalkers
  • Investigation: Keeping Things Secure
  • Investigation: Cure
  • Investigation: Test Flight
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