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The Multiplayer game mode allows you to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown online, pitting your tactical prowess against random people or amongst friends. You are able to design a squad of up to six units and play on one of five maps turn by turn against your foe.


Each unit in your squad costs you points, with your entire squad having a cost. You can play against anyone regardless of your overall squad cost so long as it under the selected limit; the player with the cheaper squad will always go first. The costs for the units are as follows:


The available maps are:

  • Bar
  • Grand Cemetery
  • Police Station
  • Trainyard
  • Boulevard

Ranked MatchesEdit

There are ranked matches on multiplayer

Custom MatchesEdit

For custom matches, you have a couple options:

  • Type: Public or Private
  • Points: 7500, 10000, 20000, or no limit
  • Turn Time: 45s, 90s, 120s, or no limit
  • Map: The map type


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