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Muton Autopsy is a research project found in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


Weighing in at over 275 kilograms, the majority of which is simply muscle and bone, this creature appears well suited for the rigors of front-line combat.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends the proposal with:

The specimen's natural ability to manage adrenaline levels could prove useful if we can study it further.

Initial Findings[]

This is the most physically aggressive specimen we've discovered so far, which the troops fondly refer to as the "Muton." I can only assume there's a colorful backstory for such a designation.

Project Report[]

Codename: Nero

Standing well over two meters tall, the ratio of this subject's lean muscle to the rest of its body mass is staggering. Its bones are highly durable yet very light in weight, and it seems to lack extramuscular fatty tissue of any kind. There is no part of this subject that has not been genetically engineered for combat. These "Mutons" (a moniker given by the troops) have clearly been bred and modified from birth, with every enhancement contributing to its function as a sort of "organic tank." As such, the Mutons are capable of withstanding otherworldly amounts of damage and seem to have an incredible tolerance for pain.

During the autopsy, we also noted a variety of ritualistic markings and unusual tattoos, which imply some sort of past tribal structure among the Muton species. We've also noticed a number of distinct similarities between the genetic structure of the Muton and Floater specimens. Although I can only guess as to the alien's intentions, it certainly appears that the Floaters may have at one time been Mutons themselves. If the aliens have been experimenting with the Muton physiology, perhaps the Floaters are a byproduct of their less successful attempts at genetic manipulation.

We may be able to gain further insight into this creature's combat capabilities by targeting another example in the field in the Unit Analysis View.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends the second paragraph with:

It may be this tribal nature that has led to the Muton's use of a "Warcry" in battle, which seems to cause a surge in adrenaline within both the subject and even nearby allies. With this in mind, it is certainly possible that we could replicate this ability through our own genetic modification program.

Project Requirements[]

Muton Corpse

Prerequisites: Obtain Muton corpse
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: 1 Muton Corpse

Foundry Projects Unlocked[]

Gene Mod Unlocked[]