Not Created Equally is a Second Wave option that randomizes a soldier's starting stats as follows:

  1. Will: 25-59 (normal 40), values will vary by increments of 2 to the lower 25 limit. 

The Will variance (Colonel) of 68-124 is 53-143 when not created equally.

  1. Aim: 50-80 (normal 65), varies in increments of +5.
  2. Movement: 11-14 (normally 12).
    • 1/3 chance of getting 11
    • 1/3 chance for 12
    • 1/6 chance for 13
    • 1/6 chance for 14 Movement.
  3. HP: All soldiers will have the same Health Points, value is defined by the difficulty level.


  • This is one way to make the Heavy Class more useful in the endgame, at the expense of having to hire, screen and fire a lot of soldiers after purchasing the New Guy training from the Officer Training School.


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