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Operation Devil's Moon is a mission for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This unique mission serves as a tutorial for new players and, unlike normal missions in the game, is entirely scripted; the soldiers, enemies and overall outcome are always the same (including the death of three of the squad members). This mission takes place in a random city in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, or Munich); the mission is the same in all cities.


By default this mission will be the first mission played when starting a new game unless selecting to play on the Impossible game difficulty or disabling the tutorial via the main menu options.

Mission Brief[]

Delta Squad deploys from the Skyranger.

Unknown bogeys reclassified as intelligent, possibly extraterrestrial life. Unexplained events at impact site. German FSLK200 LRRP reported MIA.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Assess situation at impact site
  • Locate German recon team
  • Investigate extraterrestrial objects

Mission Site[]

This mission uses a unique map consisting primarily of a German street littered with wrecked and abandoned cars and the warehouse space or boiler room of the large building at the end of the street.

Enemy Types[]

Only three Sectoids will be fought in the course of the tutorial though a Sectoid Commander is encountered via a cut scene.


  • When the Sectoid Commander is later encountered in the game, the game will reference the first time it was seen from the tutorial level, even if that level was skipped.
  • The nationality and gender of the three squadmates scripted to die in this mission are always fixed, Delta 1 will always be an American man, Delta 3 a Russian man, and Delta 4 is always a Japanese woman. Deltas 1, 3, and 4 will always die. The starting soldier gained after this mission (Delta 2) will always be an Argentinian man, and he will always rank up to Squaddie after this mission and class as a Heavy. Players attempting a zero-casualty run are advised to skip the tutorial, as Deltas 1, 3 and 4 will be remembered on the memorial wall.