For the enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see Outsider (XCOM: Enemy Unknown).
TheBureau Outsider inCover
Type Alien Footsoldier
Weapon Laser SMG, Laser Pulse Rifle
Abilities None
Durability Moderate

An Outsider is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


An Outsider is a Zudjari foot soldier who fills the role of team leader to packs of Sectoids or as grunts in the presence of true Zudjari command units.

The standard Outsider serves as the foot soldier of the invasion force. Outsiders are often seen in groups of either Sectoids, other Outsiders, or a mix of both. Outsiders serve as potent mid-ranged combatants, using their Laser SMGs to cover each other as they either whittle the squads health down or lay down suppressive fire on your team as their allies advance. They are quite fond of flanking your team, and if they get the opportunity they will often attempt to several angles. Finally, they are known to constantly use grenades. These grenades have a long fuse, but do immense damage and force the player to reposition.

On the plus side, Outsiders are not particularly robust. They certainly have more health than Sectoids, and are much more proficient at making use of cover, but they still do not have any form of shielding or armor. This makes them easy targets to eliminate if they are caught in the open. Grenades, Lift, and other abilities can be used to get them out of cover, to where they can be eliminated easily.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • Outsiders fight defensively, so looking to flank them is more advisable than standing one's ground.
  • Use grenades or area-of-effect powers on groups.


The first Outsider trooper can be encountered shortly into the first level, leading a small band of Sectoids. They quickly replace the lesser aliens as the rank-and-file of the Zudjari invasion force from then on.

Autopsy Report: Outsider GruntEdit