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An Outsider Shard is an alien artifact in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It is the crystal-like form of a "captured" Outsider alien.

In-Game Description[]

Gray Market[]

This shard is all that remains of the disabled Outsider. It seems to hum with energy.

Gray Market description

Research Report[]

With outside noise brought to a minimum, it took little effort to detect a very distinct signal... the source our shard's "hum." While we have a number of theories, both the Research and Engineering teams seem to be in agreement... the shard itself is acting as some form of communications relay.

Dr. Vahlen, research report extract


An Outsider Shard is obtained by stunning an Outsider with an Arc Thrower. Outsiders are typically encountered inside the control room of alien ships during UFO landing and crash site missions.

Gray Market Value[]

This artifact cannot be sold.


Research Projects
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