For the mission involving this ship, see Overseer Crash Site.
XCOM(EU) UFO Overseer
Type Alien
Size Medium
Speed 3500
Engagement Speed
60 | 60 | 60 | 60
2500 | 2500 | 2500 | 2500
64 | 64 | 45 | 52
Armor Penetration
25 | 25 | 25 | 25
Type Plasma II
Range 101
Hit Chance (%) 75
400 | 400 | 400 | 500
Armor Penetration 20
Easy | Normal | Classic | Impossible

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The Overseer is a unique alien spaceship in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Hidden by special cloaking technology, the Overseer only becomes detectable after building the Hyperwave Relay. Once the Hyperwave Relay is activated, the Overseer will be spotted over a randomized country with satellite coverage and XCOM will be granted the chance to intercept the UFO.

The Overseer is the fastest alien ship encountered in the game and more durable than the identically sized Large Scout. It is the only alien craft fitted with dual armaments. In addition to the Plasma II weapon (see infobox), it also has a Plasma I (300 damage, 0 armor penetration at all game difficulties). These weapons fire independently of one another.

Shooting down this vessel will require use of either a Raven equipped with advanced weaponry (Plasma Cannon or EMP Cannon) assisted by aircraft modules, or a Firestorm with at least a moderate weapon upgrade. While possible to shoot this UFO down with a Raven, a Firestorm has much better chances. Should XCOM fail to take down the Overseer or choose not to assault its crash site, the player will receive additional chances to intercept it roughly every couple of weeks because it must be shot down to continue the main storyline. Since the Overseer is a unique ship, once it has been downed and successfully assaulted, it will never appear again.


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