General Peter Van Doorn is a VIP target for extraction in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and returns as an XCOM Hero in XCOM 2.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown []

XCOM EU Peter Van Doorn.png
UN official Peter Van Doorn and his entourage were caught in an explosion that decimated a nearby bridge, and we're picking up hostiles converging on the area. We need you to confirm Mr. Van Doorn is still alive, and bring him back safe before the whole place is overrun.

Central Officer Bradford

Council Transmission[]

Reports indicate an UN official and his associates were caught in the middle of an alien attack in [COUNCIL NATION]. If this official is killed or abducted by the aliens, it would undoubtedly spread panic and reduce the effectiveness of XCOM. We need a squad of your soldiers to escort the target safely to the extraction point.

Mission Details[]

The mission takes place in the Highway Fallen map, and Van Doorn is located by the red SUV on the fallen segment of highway.

If the player's campaign lasts longer than two in-game years, the Van Doorn extraction mission can be completed a second time.


  • "You the Ops team? Get over here!"
  • "Get down here! Not fair if I have all the fun."
  • "You coming down here or what?"
  • "Come on! I won't go down without a fight."
  • "Thank God you're here. I'm still breathing, but I can't say the same for a lot of my boys. Let's get out of here before any more of those things show up."
  • "I don't know what outfit you're from, but I haven't seen gear like that before."
  • "If we get out of here alive, I just hope I get another shot at these alien bastards... I owe it to my men."
  • "I just wish I could have done more for my people, I lost some good men."
  • "It was looking bad out there. I might not have made if you didn't show up."
  • "I owe you one... seriously... I wouldn't be here without your help."

XCOM 2[]

Known for his pre-war efforts with the United Nations, Peter Van Doorn is a wildcard, a loose cannon whose exploits on the battlefield are as legendary as his colorful commentary.

–Character Biography


Peter Van Doorn returns as a member of XCOM in XCOM 2. By 2035 he appears older, and has two full sleeve tattoos, displaying his loyalty to Earth and XCOM.


In order to recruit Van Doorn, the Commander must rename an existing recruit 'Peter Van Doorn.' This will then add him to the playable roster. He appears as a high-ranking, fully-equipped XCOM Ranger, with a unique character model. This will disable achievements, as he is considered an XCOM Hero; however, he can be saved to the character pool, which will allow him to appear in any campaign depending on the character pool's settings, and retain his unique appearance.