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Plasma Rifle is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game Description[]


The plasma-based weapons wielded by the alien forces are considerably more powerful than anything used by ADVENT themselves. Although it will undoubtedly require extensive research, the impact of truly understanding this beam weapon technology could be immeasurable.

Project Report[]

Codename: Verdun

On more than one occasion during our initial testing of the alien plasma rifles recovered from the field, we nearly suffered a catastrophic loss of the test unit while conducting simple firing runs. After a complete disassembly and analysis, it seems that the weapon operates along a very fine threshold between ideal power levels and total system failure. Even the smallest of micro fractures to any number of lightly-shielded components within the power distribution system could lead to a devastating collapse of the field integrity, leaving little chance for the operator's survival. I can only assume at this point the aliens had little concern for the well-being of their own forces when designing the weapon, as I have no doubt they discovered this flaw during their own testing. In any case, I'll make the appropriate modifications to our internal desigins to ensure no such weakness exist for the safety of our troops. R.Tygan