Proximity Mine Launcher Icon.png

The Proximity Mine Launcher is a Tactical Subsystem available to MECs in XCOM: Enemy Within.


The MEC launches a mine that is triggered by enemy movement. The mine causes 8 explosive damage and has a relatively wide radius.  The movement of XCOM soldiers will not trigger the mine, but any caught in the explosion will be injured.


  • The launching radius of the mine is even further than that of the grenade launcher. However, the mine cannot bounce off surfaces, so it is possible for "dead angles" to exist.
  • The mine can be detonated by other mines and grenades.
  • Launching a mine will dispell the invisibility of a cloaked MEC.
  • Since the launch radius of the mine is larger than the MEC's sight range, it is possible to lay a mine in the middle of unactivated enemies. Doing so will eventually result in one of the following situations:
  1. If the unactivated enemy is a patrol unit, it will teleport around instead of moving around, thus not causing the mine to go off.
  2. If the unactivated enemy is a stationary unit (i.e. Outsiders) that won't move around, you will eventually have to activate it via firing at it or moving into its LoS. After activation the unit will run for cover, which will trigger the mine, but for some reason the unit will not suffer damage.
  3. Of course, one could always trigger the mine lying in the middle of unactivated enemies via a grenade. This, unlike the above situation, will cause damage.
  • The default ammo is 3 mines per mission. The limit can be increased to 5 via learning the Expanded Storage ability.
  • A mine placed by a MEC who subsequently falls under alien mind control will detonate if an XCOM party member enters the sensor radius.