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The Psi Amp (psionic amplifier) is a secondary weapon for the Psi Operative in XCOM 2. It is used by the Psi Operative in order to cast psionic abilities. It is the default Psi Amp when no superior one has been researched or equipped.

As the Advanced Psi Amp becomes immediately available after Psionics is researched, it is recommended to upgrade to it as soon as possible, as it provides more Psi Offense than the stock Psi Amp, which provides no Psi Offense.


  • Initial model.
  • No Psi bonus.
Tier Shotguns:
Sniper Rifles:
(Specialists, Rangers, Psi Operatives and Rookies)
Tier 1 Shotgun Cannon Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle
Tier 2 Shard Gun Mag Cannon Gauss Rifle Magnetic Rifle
Tier 3 Storm Gun Beam Cannon Plasma Lance Plasma Rifle
Chosen Arashi (none) Darklance Disruptor Rifle
Tier Swords:
Grenade Launchers:
(Psi Operatives)
Tier 1 Sword Grenade Launcher Pistol GREMLIN Psi Amp
Tier 2 Arc Blade Advanced Grenade Launcher Mag Pistol GREMLIN Mark II Advanced Psi Amp
Tier 3 Fusion Blade (none) Beam Pistol GREMLIN Mark III Alien Psi Amp
Chosen Katana (none) Darkclaw (none) (none)
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