No respite for the dead; the aliens have found a way to mind control them now.

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Psi Zombies are an alien unit in XCOM 2.


Psi Zombies are the corpses of humanoid units (such as ADVENT Troopers) that have been reanimated by a Sectoid or Gatekeeper. They are similar in appearance to the Zombies of the previous game, and share many animations.

Psi Zombies are relatively slow, and are only able to melee attack. They are generally meant to be meat shields against XCOM soldiers in order to draw fire from aliens.


  • Unlike other melee-only units (e.g. Berserkers & Chryssalids), disorienting a Psi Zombie via flashbang does disable their melee attack. However, burning does not.
  • Psi Zombies cannot take cover, and their AI does not care for their survival. They will generally move to attack the nearest XCOM soldier.
    • If multiple Psi Zombies are on the field, they will attempt to spread out to attack multiple targets.
  • Killing, disorienting, panicking, stunning, mind controlling or freezing a target will cause all psi zombies summoned by it to die. However, it may be worth leaving them on the field, as they will provide experience to soldiers that kill them.
  • All humanoid targets can be candidates for reanimation. This includes all ADVENT organic units, XCOM soldiers, civilians, and Avatars. Aliens and mechanical units cannot be reanimated.
  • Psi Zombies summoned by mind controlled units will be friendly, even when mind control is broken. They are counted as soldiers for the mission end screen if they are wounded or killed, however.
  • A corpse can only be Reanimated once. Once a Psi Zombie dies, its corpse cannot be reanimated again.


  • Psi Zombies take the appearance of the corpse that they were summoned from. However, saving and reloading the game causes already-summoned Psi Zombies to take on a 'default' appearance; a bald, white, male XCOM soldier wearing green Kevlar Armor.
  • Psi Zombies will fall down ladders and other climbable objects instead of climbing down them.
  • Psi Zombies have no Stunned animation stance, which causes them to take a reference pose when placed into Stasis.
  • They use the same sounds as the zombies from the first game.
  • When the summoner of the Zombie dies, the zombie uses the vomit animation as he dies.

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