Psion Commander
TheBureau PsionCommander
Type Psionic Zudjari Officer
Weapon Plasma Assault Cannon
Abilities Mind Control


Durability High
Outsider squad leader with psionic abilities. He excels at distracting and disrupting enemies. He can create a duplicate of himself or overpower the minds of XCOM agents, forcing them to turn their weapons on themselves.

–Intel description of the Psion Commander, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

A Psion Commander is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The Psion Commanders are Zudjari with heavy shields and potent psychic abilities. They are capable of wielding powerful Psionic abilities while possessing an inherent immunity to those powers themselves. They are also equipped with Plasma Assault Cannons. As is standard of all Zudjari forces, Psion Commanders can throw grenades and are adept at melee combat.

Their most commonly-used abilities includes Lift and Mind Control, both of which are equally dangerous to Carter and his agents. They also have a particular habit of creating duplicates of themselves which serves to harass the player and distract them from the real Commander, who are free to bombard them with a flurry of Psionic powers.

Mu’ut Jeen is a named Psion Commander encountered during Operation Hawkeye.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • As there is no way of resisting Mind Control in XCOM Declassified, the Psion Commanders are often priority one during a firefight, especially so if one's squadmates are equipped with advanced weaponry. A Mind Controlled Commando equipped with a Rotary Plasma Cannon can devastate his entrenched allies with ease.
  • Do rely on one's fellow agents when engaging on Psion Commanders, as their immunity to Carter's own Psionic attacks forces him to use conventional weapons, which limits his combat efficiency.
    • Psion Commanders are also immune to the Commando Class' Taunt, which makes it problematic when trying to distract them from a vulnerable teammate, or from another friendly who are attempting a revive.
  • Psion Commanders will more often than not duplicate themselves when they see the player. An easy way to tell if a "Psion Commander" is the real Commander or not is to watch their behavior: the duplicates cannot use Psionic abilities.


  • The Psion Commander's Mind Control, while potent, is still nowhere near as refined and deadly as that of the Sectoid Commander or Ethereals in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, as the target is still fully aware of its actions and will constantly struggle or warn its compatriots to stay away, as in the cases of XCOM's many agents.


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