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Psionics is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game Description[]


Although we've seen them wielding Psionic powers before, our recent encounters with the aliens have truly shown us how they are able to deftly manipulate the flow of Psionic energy and use it to their advantage. If we were to master it as well as they have, the potential applications in the field would be limitless.

Project Report[]

Codename: Geller

By Closely examining the aliens' own means of harnessing and wielding Psionic energy, I believe the chances are good that we'll have more than enough viable candidates to serves as Psi Operatives. However with the advanced Psionic capabilities we've seen from the various alien species in the field, it may not be enough in preparation for this new class of soldiers, I've used the chip removed from the Commander to study the technology needed to focus and divert Psionic energy. As a result, I've developed a Psionic amplifier capable of focusing and enhancing the Psionic energy they will be trained to harness. Although the potential for negative side effects will be high, I foresee the possibility that our soldiers will be able to push their new powers beyond the limits of what we might consider safe. R.Tygan