The Railgun is a new MEC Trooper-only weapon in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game Description[]

This high-powered, recoilless slugthrower can be fired in short bursts to devastating effect, although the sizes of its housing and power supply require it to be mounted on a MEC. Prior to our research on heavy laser weapons, we had no access to a small enough power source.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Within


The Railgun becomes available for production in Engineering after completing the Heavy Lasers research.

Production costs:

Tactical Info[]

  • Miniaturized power supply derived from laser tech.
  • Only equipped by MEC Troopers.
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon.




  • Real-life railgun development is indeed hampered by inadequate materials, bulky power sources, extreme heat build-up, and the risk of burning the rails to the point of uselessness with one shot.
  • There is significant debate whether the term "recoiless" is applicable to this weapon. A kinetic weapon (like a railgun) generates recoil by default due to Newton's Third Law of Motion in proportion with the energy of the projectile; conventional recoilless weapon designs (such as the Rocket Launcher) rely on some form of counterforce, usually backblast, to counter (most of) the recoil. The Railgun instead has a solid butt-plate, in stark contrast with the less conventional interfaces of both the Minigun and the Particle Cannon, and is carried by a super-strong cybersuit that fires it in single shots only while solidly shouldered, and still visibly struggles against the recoil.
  • An open barrel with unconnected rails is a possible design weakness - rails repel violently during firing.
  • The Railgun is one of XCOM's three advanced projectile weapons; the others are the chemical Phoenix Cannon and the magnetic Alloy Cannon.
  • Despite the alleged "risk of catastrophic overheating" precluding suppression, the Railgun can still be used for Collateral Damage.