The Reclamation Agency is a semi-autonomous agency set up by XCOM to keep local communities safe after the 2035 War for Liberation against ADVENT and the Elders. Reclamation's goal is to deploy squads to live and work as part of the communities they support. Reclamation's founder and director is Jane Kelly, a former resistance leader and XCOM Colonel who served as a Ranger during the events of XCOM 2.

The first Reclamation squad, Chimera Squad, was deployed to City 31 at Mayor Nightingale's request in 2040. Mayor Nightingale cast the deciding vote to bring Chimera Squad to the city.

The Reclamation Agency was introduced in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

History and formation[]

The Reclamation Working Group developed the Reclamation Agency from 2037 to 2039, under the guidance of Jane Kelly with input from Officer John Bradford, Chief Lily Shen, and Dr. Richard Tygan. Unlike XCOM, which was a wartime force, Kelly conceived of Reclamation as a peacekeeping organization to deal with the dangers the Elders left behind. Over the objections of Bradford, she recruited both human and alien agents to more effectively deal with the the existential threat of the Elders' return and the immediate challenges of the post-war world where humans and aliens lived together. Once she committed to including aliens in Reclamation, Bradford advised her to put aliens in the first squad Reclamation deployed, in order to get people used to the idea.

Operational scope[]

Director Kelly envisions Reclamation squads embedding within a locale, anticipating threats requiring intervention, and removing the means to fulfill those threats. She intends squads to support their assigned locales, not supplant the existing leadership and police force; in her words, "XCOM will never be in the business of telling people how to run their own societies."

Chimera Squad is the first Reclamation squad assigned to a locale. Its duties include deploying Agents to missions and engaging in tactical combat against Reclamation's targets, and engaging in solo-Agent special operations to improve the community and develop resources for Reclamation. XCOM provides support to Chimera Squad in the form of tech and expert trainers.

Chimera Squad also invests in Field Teams, district level auxiliary forces composed of police, specialists, and civilians. Field Teams are sanctioned by XCOM and report to Reclamation. They generate resources for Chimera Squad and have additional benefits such as reducing an area's unrest levels.