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Research Projects are the primary way in which new technology, equipment and facilities are unlocked in XCOM 2 and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Research projects include the study and reverse-engineering of recovered alien technologies and autopsies on alien and ADVENT corpses. In War of the Chosen, Breakthroughs and Inspirations may occur periodically with each discovery made.

List of ProjectsEdit

Shadow Chamber ProjectsEdit

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These research projects are only available when the Shadow Chamber is built. Although accessed from a dedicated facility, they require Prof. Tygan's full attention, and put regular research on hold until they are completed. Once a Shadow Chamber Project is completed, normal research resumes where it left off.

* Alien Hunters DLC, War of the Chosen

Enemy AutopsiesEdit

These research projects depend on the acquisition of a corresponding enemy corpse during a mission. Most autopsy research times can be reduced to 0 (instant) after XCOM have gathered sufficient corpses of the corresponding enemy.

Corpses Required for Instant Autopsy Completion
Research ProjectRecruitVeteranCommanderLegendUnlocks
ADVENT Officer Autopsyn/aProving Ground, ADVENT and Spectre Autopsies
ADVENT MEC Breakdown3447GREMLIN Mark II, Elerium (with Gauss Weapons and Plated Armor)
ADVENT Turret Breakdown3336Defensive Matrix
ADVENT Priest Autopsy68812Sustaining Sphere
ADVENT Purifier Autopsy4669Reinforced Underlay
ADVENT Shieldbearer Autopsy4447Experimental Armor
ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy4669Ionic Blade, Axe* and Ripjack
ADVENT Trooper Autopsy10151525Battle Scanner
The Lost Autopsy658080120Ultrasonic Lure
Sectoid Autopsy66610Mindshield, Psionics
Faceless Autopsy3447Mimic Beacon
Chryssalid Autopsy15151520Hellweave
Viper Autopsy5558Battlefield Medicine
Muton Autopsy5669Plasma Grenade, Advanced Grenade Launcher
Berserker Autopsy6669Overdrive Serum
Archon Autopsy5558Fusion Blade, Axe* and Ripjack
Spectre Autopsy4668Refraction Field
Andromedon Autopsy5558Proximity Mine
Sectopod Breakdown3669GREMLIN Mark III
Gatekeeper Autopsy3669Alien Psi Amp
Viper King Autopsy*n/aSerpent Suit*
Berserker Queen Autopsy*n/aR.A.G.E Suit*
Archon King Autopsy*n/aIcarus Amor*

* Alien Hunters DLC, War of the Chosen

Research Tree Diagram Edit