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Research projects are the primary way in which new technology, equipment and facilities are unlocked in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Research projects vary from the study, reverse-engineering, and application of recovered alien technologies to performing autopsies on alien corpses and even to the interrogation of captured alien specimens. The completion of research is the primary function of scientists and the more scientists you have the quicker research projects finish; research credits also significantly reduce the amount of time required for specific research projects. Research projects can be changed at any time and accumulated research time will remain if the active project is changed (the earlier project will continue where it left off, once it is resumed).

XCOM DatabaseEdit

The research team will work continually to complete the assigned research projects as quickly as possible. It is important that they not be left idle, as their work is directly tied into the available manufacturing options in Engineering. When one research project is completed, another should be assigned as soon as possible.

– XCOM Database, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Below is a flowchart of all research projects in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


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List of ProjectsEdit


  • Completing your first research project unlocks the "What Wonders Await" achievement.
  • Completing all 53 original research projects (including interrogations) in the same playthrough unlocks the "Edison" achievement.
  • Meld Recombination, Mechtoid Autopsy, and Seeker Autopsy are new research projects added in the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion.