Resistance Factions are three groups introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion War of the Chosen. The factions are found throughout Earth, and are assaulting ADVENT and the aliens in hopes of reclaiming earth. These factions have their own ideals and beliefs that will be shown by their leaders and their troops. There are three factions; these are the Reapers, the Skirmishers and the Templars.

Covert Actions[]

After you build the Resistance Ring, you can work with any factions you've found to perform non-combat missions called Covert Actions. Successful Covert Actions provide additional resources, bonuses, new soldiers, a new mission, or information leading to a Chosen stronghold.

To begin a Covert Action, you must allocate soldiers plus additional resources which may include Scientists, Engineers, supplies, or Intel. Any soldiers, scientists and engineers on the mission will be unavailable until the mission is completed. The list of available Covert Actions refreshes at the start of each month.

Covert Actions have a chance to lead to an Ambush resulting in a ground mission where any soldiers, scientists or engineers must be rushed to an evac point while enemies attack. Soldiers may also be wounded or captured during a Covert Action. If a soldier is captured during a Covert Action, there is a chance at the start of every month that a rescue Covert Action will be available. Successfully completing the rescue Covert Action will launch a mission to rescue the captured soldier and return them to service.

Covert Actions include

  • Gather Supplies
  • Gather Alien Loot
  • Manufacture an Upgrade
  • Manufacture a PCS
  • Receive a Resistance Order
  • Increase Black Market Spawn rate
  • Gain Ability Points
  • Improve Combat Intelligence
  • Increase Bond relations
  • Recruit an Engineer
  • Recruit a Scientist
  • Recruit a resistance faction soldier
  • Lower Avatar Project progress
  • Hunt one of The Chosen to locate their Citadel