Resistance Orders are a new strategy layer mechanic introduced in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Resistance Orders are special passive bonuses from the Resistance Factions that can benefit the player in unique ways. They are able to be used when the Resistance Ring facility is constructed.

Resistance Orders are able to affect a wide variety of things on both the strategy layer and tactical combat layer of the game with effects such as decreasing facility construction time, increasing Intel gains, or providing a bonus soldier on a mission.

Resistance Orders are applied at the start of each month via a special screen that allows them to pick from the available Resistance Orders. Initially, each contacted Resistance Faction provides two Resistance Orders and a single slot available for any Order to activate in. Upgrading the Resistance Ring provides more universally-usable slots (up to 3) while improving Influence with Resistance Factions opens up slots (up to 2 for each faction) for faction-specific Orders.

All Resistance Orders with "I" and "II" are stackable if both Orders are chosen.

Resistance Orders cannot be re-chosen until the month ends, where the player is able to switch or add new Orders to fit the situation.

Some Resistance Orders and Continent Bonuses overlap with one another. If a bonus appears as a Continent Bonus, it will not appear as a Resistance Order and vice versa.

List of Resistance Orders[]


Main article: Reapers

Reaper Resistance Orders focus on improving the support of XCOM by the Earth's Resistance movement.

Order Description
Ballistics Modelling The speed of all weapons research is increased by 15%.
Between the Eyes Any XCOM shot that hits the Lost is an instant headshot kill.

  • This does not apply to any soldiers acquired during the mission or resistance operatives.

Guardian Angels Covert Actions will not be ambushed.

'I have eyes in the back of many heads.' - Volk

  • The risk of Ambush disappears after the respective rival Chosen is defeated.

Heavy Equipment Excavation speed is increased by 50%.
Infiltrate On timed missions, the timer does not begin until the squad has lost concealment.

'I see no reason to start the clock until the trap is sprung.' - Volk

Lightning Strike Units gain +3 mobility for the first 2 turns of battle while the squad remains concealed.
Live Fire Training Any recruits training in the GTS will achieve the rank of Sergeant.
Munitions Experts Experimental Ammo projects in the Proving Grounds are completed instantly.

'We don't spend a lot of time on research, but we do extensive field trials.' - Volk

Popular Support I Supplies collected from each Supply Drop are increased by 10%.
Popular Support II Supplies collected from each Supply Drop are increased by 15%.

'We don't care what they think of us...but it doesn't hurt to be popular.' - Volk

Rapid Collection Resistance supply drops are collected instantly.

'I'd just assume you handle the logistics...' - Volk

Recruiting Centers New recruits cost only 15 Supplies.

'We're only looking for the right kind of people. If they come cheap, that's just a bonus.' - Volk

Resistance Network Contact with new regions is made instantly.

'All that technology, and you say you couldn't do this before?' - Volk

  • If there are contacts with new regions in progress, they will be instantly completed upon activation of this Order.

Resistance Rising I +1 Resistance Contact.
Resistance Rising II +2 Resistance Contacts.

'More groups appear every day, let's hope they all know their place.' - Volk

Scavengers All resource rewards from scanned Rumors are doubled.
Volunteer Army On every mission, there is a chance that a Resistance soldier will join the XCOM squad.

  • Can trigger together with the Skirmishers Order Double Agent.



Main article: Skirmishers

Skirmishers Resistance Orders focus on exploiting weaknesses of ADVENT and providing insider knowledge to XCOM.

Order Description
Bomb Squad Experimental Grenade and Heavy Weapon projects are completed instantly in the Proving Grounds.
Decoys and Deceptions All knowledge gained by the Chosen is reduced by 33%.

'The Elders' Chosen are not as superior as they would have us believe.' - Betos

Double Agent On every mission, there is a chance that an ADVENT unit will join the XCOM squad.

'There are still those waiting to be freed from the Elders' service, we must only find them.' - Betos

  • Can trigger together with the Reapers Resistance Order Volunteer Army.

Impact Modelling The speed of all armor research is increased by 15%.
Information War The Tech Defense of all enemies and hack targets is lowered by -20.

'Their network has many vulnerabilities, it was conceived of by humans under duress.' - Betos

Inside Job I All Intel rewards increased by 10%.

'Use our knowledge of their ways to further the cause.' - Betos

Inside Job II All Intel rewards increased by 15%.

'None have seen more of the Elders' false vision than those who have served them.' - Betos

Inside Knowledge The effect of all weapon modifications is increased.

'When our bodies were freed, our minds still retained all that we knew of our training.' - Betos

Integrated Warfare All PCS effects are increased.
Modular Construction Facility construction speed is increased by 25%.

'My kind know all too well the Elders' means of quickly infesting new worlds.' - Betos

Private Channel All mission timers are increased by 2 turns.

'The Elders' forces have flaws, weaknesses to be exploited by those aware.' - Betos

Quid Pro Quo All Black Market costs reduced by 33%.

'We requested a discount. They were not in a position to decline.' - Betos

Sabotage Remove one block of Avatar Progress at the end of every month.

'As the Elders' vision crumbles, we will bask in their anger.' - Betos

  • Removes 1 dot from the Avatar statue in the ocean. If the the statue has no dot under it, removes 1 dot from any Facility on the map instead, which may result in Facilities with 0 dot.

Tactical Analysis Enemy units lose one action on their next turn if discovered on the XCOM turn.

'Without our Commander to lead them, ADVENT has limited tactical options.' - Betos

  • Most enemies will have only one action left, and can either move or attack -- but not both. Exceptions being Sectopods and Gatekeepers as they have 3 actions in a turn.
  • ADVENT Stun Lancers often shoot instead of melee due to not being able to cover the distance with one action.
  • ADVENT Purifiers often run away into cover if their flame attack cannot reach your soldier from where they stand.
  • Codex can still attack as normal with one action, as their Teleport ability costs no action.

Under the Table I The Black Market pays a 20% Supply Premium for goods.

'There was no discussion needed, our terms were met on first glance.' - Betos

Under the Table II The Black Market pays a 30% Supply Premium for goods.

'Some are intimidated by our kind, and if it furthers the cause, we will impose upon them.' - Betos

Vulture Enemies drop additional loot items.

'Take everything they have stolen from this world.' - Betos

Weak Points Any shredding attack from XCOM does an additional +1 shred to the target.

'The Elders' protection of those bound to their will has its limits.' - Betos



Main article: Templars

Templar Resistance Orders focus on accelerating the growth of individual soldiers and the development of XCOM as a whole.

Order Description
Art of War Ability Points gained by promotion are increased by 25%.

'In their eagerness to drive the false gods from our world, they take to knowledge with unparalleled voracity.' - Geist

Bonds of War Soldier Bonds grow 25% faster.
Deeper Learning I Soldiers' experience gains are increased by 10%.
Deeper Learning II Soldiers' XP gains are increased by 20%.

'Our power must be equally matched by our wisdom, by our breadth, by our cunning!' - Geist

Feedback Psionic attacks on XCOM units cause damage to the caster.

'The power of this world cannot be turned against its rightful masters!' - Geist

Greater Resolve Lightly wounded soldiers can be sent into combat.
Hidden Reserves I Gain an additional +2 power on the Avenger.

'The false gods have found many ways to channel the Earth's power, and so shall we.' - Geist

Hidden Reserves II Gain an additional +3 power on the Avenger.

'With greater focus, comes a greater mastery of the power that rightfully belongs to humanity.' - Geist

Machine Learning Research breakthroughs are twice as likely to occur.

'It is not the machine, but the power of the Earth that guides your hand.' - Geist

Mental Fortitude All battle madness (panic, berserk, obsessed, shattered) only lasts one turn.

  • Battle madness is usually inflicted on the enemy turn, meaning that your soldier will recover on your turn without losing any actions.

Noble Cause Will recovery in all soldiers is 20% faster.

'Their spirits will be lifted by the righteous truth of our cause.' - Geist

Pursuit of Knowledge Laboratory facilities provide an additional 20% boost to research times.

'The pursuit of greater understanding is second only to the intense focus required of our Psionic meditation.' - Geist

Stay With Me Soldiers are much more likely to bleed out rather than die when their health drops to 0.

'Let our faith bolster your spirit, we will not let you enter the Void so easily.' - Geist

  • There is 1% chance to bleed out instead of dying for every point of Will over 50. Stay With Me increases this chance to 2% per point of Will over 50.

Suit Up All armor and vest projects in the Proving Ground are completed instantly.

'We must carefully protect the lives of all humans who have survived thus far.' - Geist

Tithe Resource rewards on all missions are increased by 15%.

'Just as there are those who would honor the false gods, so will we tithe to the masters of our cause.' - Geist

Trial by Fire Double the Ability Points gained in combat.

'If failure means death, then they must learn from their successes.' - Geist

Vengeance When a squadmate dies, the entire squad receives random bonuses for 2 turns.

'It would be harder to deny our people their chance at vengeance, than it will be to facilitate their just retribution.' - Geist

  • Does not apply for the death of 'additional' Resistance / ADVENT defector squadmates.


  • Vengeance does not work if a soldier received through Volunteer Army or Double Agent dies.
  • Volunteer Army and Double Agent have a chance to trigger per mission, and can trigger on the same mission.