Restorative Mist Icon.png

Restorative Mist is a Tactical Subsystem for MECs in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Restores a maximum of 4 health per use to all allies within 3.5 tiles of the MEC (including the MEC itself), but cannot be used to stabilize or revive fallen allies. Health restoration limit is increased to 6 after Improved Medikit is researched.


  • The default use per mission is only one, so use it wisely; this limit can be increased to two if the MEC Trooper has the Expanded Storage ability. There's no difference in the amount healed no matter how many units are affected by the Mist, therefore it's best used on as many injured soldiers as possible.
  • Since the mist also restores the health of the MEC that used it, it has roughly the same effect as Repair Servos (assuming Improved Medikit is researched). However, since the other ability of a Captain-ranked MEC Trooper is Expanded Storage, which grants +1 to the use of Restorative Mist and other useful benefits, the latter is generally preferred.
  • If it's necessary to use the Mist during a fight, it is advised to move the MEC Trooper to an out-of-sight position, then all wounded units to be treated into the Mist's range, activate the subsystem, then move them back into cover. Otherwise, the squad will be cramped together within a 2-tile radius and vulnerable to area-of-effect abilities, especially grenades and Rift.
  • Restorative Mist does cure poison, which can be useful if a group of soldiers gets caught in a Poison Spit or Gas Grenade cloud.