Revive is an ability of the Support Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Allows Medikits to revive critically wounded soldiers at 33% of maximum health instead of just stabilizing them.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


  • Revive synergies well with the "Don't Die On Me" upgrade from the Officer Training School. This makes it a very useful ability in Ironman mode.
    • Revive used to be a very situational option in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It first required a soldier to be rendered critically wounded instead of killed which is rare prior to gaining the "Don't Die On Me" upgrade and even then only works primarily on the highest ranked soldiers. Additionally was very risky having a revived soldier continue fighting with low health while hindered by the Will penalty from the critical wounds; if their health dropped to zero again they couldn't be revived again but the soldier was more prone to panic making their actions less reliable.
    • In XCOM: Enemy Within many of all the problems to reviving someone can be countered (except for dying a second time). Notably "Don't Die On Me" has been removed and is functionally replaced by the Secondary Heart gene mod which also prevents a soldier from losing Will when they get downed; so reviving them can be tactically advantageous in the middle of a round because they can provide valuable extra firepower. This potentially makes it better than Rifle Suppression, if the squad is well equipped for killing high priority enemy targets which makes Rifle Suppression irrelevant.