Robotic is a trait of several units in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


Robotic units are mechanical in nature and for the most part constructed with Alien Alloys, making them immune to poison (e.g. Gas Grenade), fire (e.g. Flamethrower), Flashbang Grenade, and most psionic attacks (see below).

While Robotic units are also Stun Immune and cannot be captured for interrogation research, a Drone can be affected by an Arc Thrower and controlled during a mission if the Drone Capture project is researched at the Foundry.


A unit's Robotic trait confers complete immunity to most psionic abilities, including Mind Control, Mindfray, Psi-Drain, Psi Inspiration, and Psi Panic.

However, due to their 0 Will attribute, Robotic units are highly susceptible to Psi Lance and Rift attacks. They are also subject to the +40 Defense bonus conferred by a Psionic class soldier's Telekinetic Field.


Although immune to fire damage, Robotic units are still susceptible to damage from nearby explosions in the environment (e.g. a car or gas pump), and explosive weaponry such as grenades and rocket launchers.

A Heavy class soldier's HEAT Ammo ability confers +100% damage to Robotic units (decreased to +50% in XCOM: Enemy Within).


Robotic units cannot be healed by conventional means such as a Medikit. Instead, they may be healed with a Drone's Repair ability.

In addition to capturing and using a Drone, XCOM's weapon platforms can be healed by:


  • Due to their Sectoid operators, Mechtoids are susceptible to Psionic abilities despite the Robotic trait.
  • Despite their mechanized nature and similar benefits (such as fire and poison immunity), MEC Troopers do not possess the Robotic trait as per the game's DefaultGameCore.ini file.