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A SITREP is a special condition that applies to a mission in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. These effects can be positive or negative, and may randomly be applied to missions.

Only some missions have SITREPS; there can be times where there are none.

SITREPs can be seen when viewing the mission before selecting a squad.

List of Possible SITREPsEdit

  • Automated Defenses - "Intel suggests a high concentration of robotic enemies at the mission site."
  • Show of Force - "Intel suggests a large number of ADVENT troopers present, under ADVENT only leadership."
  • Savage - "Intel suggests a high concentration of beast-like enemies at this mission site."
  • Psionic Storm - "A high concentration of psionic energy is in the area of the mission, suggesting a high number of psi-capable enemies."
  • The Lost - In addition to ADVENT enemies, the mission map also contains The Lost.
  • The Horde - "Area is abandoned by ADVENT, leaving only large numbers of The Lost."
    • Enemy types are limited to The Lost.
  • Location Scout - Entire map is revealed, making all enemies and all parts of the map visible.
  • Low Profile - Only soldiers of rank Sergeant and below may be selected for the mission.
  • Surgical - Squad size is limited to 3 soldiers.
  • Shadow Squad - All soldiers on the mission gain a single charge of the Conceal ability. This is a separate ability from the Ranger's Conceal and the Reaper's Shadow, despite granting the same effect.
  • Resistance Contacts - Map contains several civilians; Supplies are rewarded for each civilian contacted (by moving a soldier next to them).
  • ADVENT Loot - ADVENT forces have stockpiled extra materials in storage chests near this site.
    • Causes chests to appear around the mission area. A soldier can gather their contents (Supplies) by clicking on the chest while adjacent to it.
  • High Explosives - "This combat zone has a high density of explosive material. Caution advised."
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