The Sergeant rank is the third rank available to soldiers. A soldier at this rank unlocks a nickname, in addition to a new ability. Having a soldier at this rank also unlocks Squad Size I and Wet Work for purchase at the Officer Training School.

Abilities at this rank[]

Class Abilities Description
XEU ClassAssault.png
XEU Assault LightningReflexes.png  Lightning Reflexes Force the first reaction shot against this unit each turn to miss.
XEU Assault CloseAndPersonal.png  Close and Personal Confers +30% critical chance against adjacent targets. The bonus declines with distance from the target.
XEU ClassHeavy.png
XEU Heavy ShredderRocket.png  Shredder Rocket Fire a rocket that causes all enemies hit to take +33% damage from all sources for the next 4 turns. However, this rocket has a weaker blast compared to a normal one.
XEU Heavy Suppression.png  Suppression Can fire a special shot that grants reaction fire at a single target. The target also suffers a -30 Aim penalty.
XEW ClassMECTrooper.png
MEC Trooper
XComEW Vital-Point Targeting icon.png  Vital-Point Targeting Confers 2 bonus damage against targets that have been autopsied.
Damage Control Icon.png  Damage Control When the MEC takes damage, all further damage will be reduced by 2 for the next 2 turns.
XEU ClassSniper.png
XEU Sniper Gunslinger.png  Gunslinger Confers 2 bonus damage with pistols.
XEU Sniper DamnGoodGround.png  Damn Good Ground Confers +10 Aim and +10 Defense against enemies at lower elevation, in addition to the usual elevation bonuses.
XEU ClassSupport.png
XEU Support FieldMedic.png  Field Medic Allows medikits to be used 3 times per battle instead of once.
XEU Support SmokeAndMirrors.png  Smoke and Mirrors Allows 1 (2 in XCOM: Enemy Within) additional use of Smoke Grenade each mission.