The Serpent Suit and its upgrade, the Serpent Armor are light armors in XCOM 2 available with the Alien Hunters DLC.


Constructed from the lightweight and exceptionally durable scales of the Viper King, the Serpent Suit greatly enhances our soldiers' reflexes and speed. It also features a grapple mechanism infused with the Viper King's frigid venom, which can be used to pull enemies out of cover and freeze them in place.

–In-game build description

The Serpent Suit is a unique armor that provides more health than the Spider Suit, an additional point in mobility, and a massively increased Dodge stat, leading to more graze shots against the wearer that deal less damage.

It shares its ability to Grapple to elevated surfaces with the Spider Suit, along with an ability unique to the armor called Frostbite, which allows the wearer to shoot their grappling hook at an enemy to freeze them. Both of these abilities are free actions, but Frostbite has a limit of one charge per mission.

Vipers who spot a unit wearing the Serpent Suit/Armor may panic.

Only one instance of the Serpent Suit/Armor can be built in a single game, and will be permanently lost if the wearer is killed, and their body not evacuated.

Serpent Armor Upgrade[]

An enhanced version of the Serpent Suit reinforced with Elerium, this armor maintains all of its predecessor's capabilities while further boosting the survivability, speed, and reflexes of the wearer.

Upgrading the Serpent Suit to Serpent Armor increases the health given, and increases both the Mobility and Dodge stats to be more on par with the Wraith Suit. This upgrade becomes available after researching Powered Armor.


Serpent Suit

Serpent Armor

  • 75 Supplies, 10 Alien Alloys, 10 Elerium Crystals
XCOM2 Serpent Suit.png


  • Grapple: This armor mounts a grappling hook and cable on the left arm, permitting rapid elevation change and access to tactically advantageous positions. Free action. 3 turns cooldown.
  • Frostbite: Lash at a target with your grapple, freezing them in place. ADVENT humanoid targets may also be pulled out of cover. Free action. One charge per mission, base accuracy of ?% and a limited range.
  • The armor has a chance to inflict panic on any Viper discovered by the wearer.
I'm not entirely sure how much of this armor is new material, and how much of it Tygan cut right out of the Viper itself. We haven't exactly tested it either, so good luck out there.



  • The Serpent Armor can be shown as available after researching Powered Armor even if you don't have the Serpent suit or Viper King Autopsy researched. If purchased in this state, it does not show up in your inventory and cannot be equipped. (may only affect games created without the DLC installed)