I can't be your weapon. But I will be your shield.


Shelter is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Shelter was separated from his family during the invasion, then processed into a resettlement camp. When he started showing signs of psionic aptitude, he was shipped off to an ADVENT research facility for human-born psions. ADVENT forced him to use his abilities to harm others, and he ultimately fled their control.

Now part of XCOM’s Chimera Squad, Shelter prefers to use his psionic powers defensively. He buffs his allies, relocates both friend and foe, and can even create a psionic clone with those same abilities.[1]

Shelter's weapon of choice is a Submachine Gun.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Relocate Shelter psionically swaps positions with the targeted enemy or ally. Does not automatically end the turn.
Deputy Agent Dazzle Shelter launches a Psionic Blast that disorientates all enemies near the breach point. Targeted enemy is disorientated for an extra turn. One use per mission.
Field Agent Temporal Shift Upgrades Relocate so that it delays the next turn of relocated enemies.
Field Agent Distortion Field Upgrades Relocate so that relocated XCOM units, including Shelter, gain +50 Defence until their next turn.
Special Agent Soulfire Shelter launches a Psionic Blast at an organic enemy, delaying their next turn. Does guaranteed damage and ignores cover and armor. Two turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Solace Shelter is surrounded by an aura that immediately extinguishes or blocks any mental impairments for himself and any nearby allies.
Senior Agent Soul Storm Upgrades Soulfire to heal Shelter for half the damage dealt.
Principal Agent Fracture Shelter creates a Psionic clone that can use the Psionic abilities Relocate and Soulfire. One use per mission.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +2 Mobility
Principal Agent Writhe 5 Drains 3-4 HP of a target in melee range and heals Shelter by the same amount; usable by his Psi Fracture clone. Has a 4 turn reload time


  • If Shelter learns Writhe with Principal Agent Training, his Psionic Clone will have this ability too.
  • Any armor mod Shelter wears is copied over to his Psionic Clone too. Thus, Regen Weave or Bubble Weave are useful in making the Clone last longer.
  • The Psionic Clone has the same initiative as Shelter and takes actions immediately after him, but does not appear in the initiative order.
  • It is possible to further delay an enemy with Relocate if Shelter has Temporal Shift, as his clone will have this ability too.