Shield Commander
Type Shield Specialist
Weapon Laser SMG, Sticky Grenades
Abilities Cast Shield
Durability High (shielded)

Low (unshielded)

Outsider squad leader who specializes in shielding. He can directly shield his squad members or recharge their personal shields.

–Intel description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

A Shield Commander is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The Shield Commander is a Zudjari officer with orange armor and a regenerating shield encountered early on. Shield Commanders are among the first of the elite Zudjari the player will encounter, and possesses the ability to endow nearby units with protective shields that reduces taken damage. They can be identified by their glowing orange armor with distinctive circular shield generators on their backs.

These Commanders are equipped with Laser SMGs. As is standard of all Zudjari forces, Shield Commanders can throw grenades and are adept at melee combat, though like other Zudjari Commanders, they tend to hang back during an assault and provide protection to their lesser brethren instead of actively charging the player.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • When they first appear, Shield Commanders should be given a high priority during a shootout as the extra protection they provide can prove problematic to agents with basic gear. Fortunately, Shield Commanders are not very durable unshielded.
  • Lift is a great power to wield against Shield Commanders, and synergizes well with a Recon Class agent's Critical Shot which more often than not will take out the floating (and unarmored) Commander immediately.
  • As with every other Commander types, Shield Commanders must break cover to utilize their signature power, which makes them vulnerable and juicy targets for snipers. When a Commander stands up to renew its allies' shields, shoot!


Shield Commanders begin appearing fairly early into the campaign, with the first ones acting as squad leaders in the second mission, and becomes fairly common from then on.

Agent Nico DaSilva also encounters Shield Commanders during the First Test of the Hangar 6: R&D scenario.

Autopsy Report Edit

The Autopsy Report for Outsider Commanders can be found near the bottom of the stairs to the lower level of the lab after the university mission, sitting on a table to the left. It refers to all Commander subtypes generally.

Autopsy Report: Outsider Commander

Leaders of the Outsider forces, the commanders exhibit the same physique of other Outsiders, but have significantly more complicated neural implants as well as much more advanced equipment. Personal shielding is common, and many other tactical abilities may be available to these dangerous enemies. Agents are advised make Commanders a top priority in any engagement.

Commanders do not exhibit the same poor living conditions of their subordinate grunts: nutrition is plentiful, physical trauma is minimal, and many Commanders carry personal effects into battle. These often appear to be devotional items, perhaps involved in religious ceremonies centered around their "Origin." The precise details of this "Origin" are still being examined by Dr. Weir, but it is believed to be the communication network utilized by the Outsiders' neural implants.


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