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The Skeleton Key is a unique item developed by Dr. Shen in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It allows XCOM to gain entry to the recently discovered alien base on Earth.

In-Game Description[]

This device is the culmination of our research into the shard recovered from the alien Outsider. It should allow our troops to infiltrate the alien base and find out what's inside.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Production Requirements[]

Prerequisites:  Outsider Shard (Research)
Time to Complete:  Immediate
Engineers:  15

Production Cost:

Gray Market Value[]

This item cannot be sold.


  • The Skeleton Key is required to assault the alien base, progressing the storyline.
  • The key can be constructed anytime after researching the Outsider Shard. If selling artifacts at the Gray Market, be sure to keep sufficient materials for the key.