TheBureau Skyranger Landing

The Skyranger is a specialized rotor-craft used by XCOM in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and is possibly the prelude to the later Skyranger craft that saw operation during XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Skyranger assigned to former CIA Agent William Carter is piloted by Leon Barnes.


The Skyranger craft appears to be a very widely employed rotorcraft by the US Government Bureau titled XCOM in 1962, though it appears to be used solely by the Bureau, it does bear the emblem of the United States Airforce, so it is possibly a craft used by the US Air Force for general purposes. The craft has a polished metallic chrome finish, with a somewhat exposed cockpit, though with a somewhat spacious cargo space for passengers cargo, being employed as a medical transport on occasion. Skyrangers provide rapid transit to hot zones of alien activity, the Skyranger is also capable of dropping off resupply crates when in the field, as Pilot Leon Barnes did many times whilst working with Former CIA, now a part of XCOM, Agent William Carter.


  • The aircraft resembles a heavily modified version of the Sikorsky H-5 rescue helicopter.