The Small Scout is an alien spacecraft in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Despite their small size, these reconnaissance craft are not particularly fast, and Raven Interceptors should get a decent amount of time on target -- enough to bring it down with Avalanche Missiles.


Small Scouts are encountered either in the air when detected by satellite, or on the ground after landing or being shot down by Interceptors.

In Flight[]

Small Scouts are the least durable and the worst armed enemy craft, so even entry-level interceptors are enough to bring one down, although they may incur significant damage in the process. Advanced interceptor armaments may even bring down a Small Scout in a single hit.


A Small Scout on the ground is the easiest UFO to assault, whether it landed or crashed. They do not carry a large crew, although the aliens become increasingly difficult to defeat as the game progresses. Early in the game, Scouts will typically be crewed by Sectoids with an Outsider as ship commander. When attempting to capture an Outsider, a Small Scout landing or crash can provide an easy opportunity. Unlike Abductors, which may have two or more Outsiders, a Small Scout will only have one.

With their small size, Scouts do not carry large amounts of alien artifacts. Nevertheless, the opportunity to raid a downed Scout should never be passed up, as they are a ready source of Alloys and Elerium. If the assault team is careful, a UFO Power Source and Flight Computer may also be part of the takings.

Assault Strategies[]

A small team can take a Small Scout without significant difficulty, provided due care is taken.


The interior of the Small Scout is not partitioned into rooms and soldiers will immediately encounter the ship commander upon entry or while running past the ship's entry points.


Taking the Small Scout does not require any special strategy that should not already be known to a typical player.