Sprinter is an ability of the Support Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Allows the Support to move 3 additional tiles.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


An additional 3 tiles of movement equates to a ~45% greater movement range, offering a 10 tile move on a standard move (upgraded from the standard 7) and a 20 tile move when dashing (upgraded from the standard 14). This bonus makes the Support more mobile than any other class, with the exception of an Assault using the Run & Gun ability; it even grants 1 tile greater movement range than Combat Stims or airborne Archangel armor, allowing substantial stacking of movement bonuses when combining Sprinter with these tools. Further, this bonus is available for every move action, not just when activated or fueled as with other movement bonuses, adding a great deal of "free" benefit which can be incorporated into many tactics to improve their potency.

With greater movement range, the Support becomes an ideal scout or flanker, allowing the unit to move a long distance forward, identifying risks before committing more than one team member, spotting for Snipers with Squadsight or other team members, then either retreating to safety beyond the enemies' pursuit range, or flanking around enemies for high critical chance attacks. Sprinter often allows Supports to out-flank even Assaults, while also allowing the unit to remain almost perpetually in cover, thanks to the greater move distance. The increased move can aid the Support in entering range for the Arc Thrower, making the Support the ideal choice for capturing live aliens. It also allows a Support equipped with a Medikit to rapidly cover ground to stabilize the fallen and wounded. When combined with the Deep Pockets perk, the Sprinter ability can make Supports one of the most tactically versatile units available, despite their apparent lack of combat abilities or specialist weaponry.


  • In Enemy Within, a soldier with the highest mobility obtainable with the Not Created Equal Second Wave option (14), Sprinter and a mobility-boosting suit of armor has the same movement range as a Chryssalid.