This mission serves as the alternative start to a new game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown if the tutorial mission has been disabled. It will always run identical to an Alien Abduction mission set in the continent where you have chosen to set up XCOM headquarters.

Mission BriefEdit

Alien abduction in progress. Site is clear of civilians and multiple hostile elements are present. Collateral damage is not a concern.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Sweep the abduction site and identify threats
  • Neutralize all hostile targets

Enemy TypesEdit

The enemies for this mission will be limited to Sectoids only but the number will vary based on the game difficulty:

  • Easy: 4 Sectoids
  • Normal: 4 Sectoids
  • Classic: 6 Sectoids
  • Impossible: 8 Sectoids


  • This mission will allow an indefinite number of retries if all squad members are killed.
  • Any soldier that kills an enemy on this mission is guaranteed to rank up, so it is recommended that you try to get at least one kill per soldier. Each soldier that ranks up will automatically be assigned to a different class at the end of this mission instead of the random assignment granted during the rest of the game; so, if all units manage to rank up, the player will receive one soldier of each class.

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